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Concierge Services & Spectacular Events


We are Committed to Service, Quality And Elegance

About Me


About Me


  Debbie Allen , Founder and President of , Utopian Euphoria LLC., provides an array of services, Concierge Services, Spectacular Event Coordination/Planning, Personal/ Corporate Catering, Administration Office Support, Wedding Planner/Coordinator, Travel Arrangements, and Entertainment Promotion.

Utopian Euphoria LLC.,( formerly known as Creative Designs Weddings 1995-2008)  was established in February 2008, and has served clients throughout Western NY, Massachusetts, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Ohio, North Carolina and Miami Florida.

Utopian Euphoria’s vision is to provide outstanding quality and service-based diversion, through a unique combination of offered services, administration support, concierge service, spectacular events, creative catering, and personal chef as well as travel arrangements. 

Our mission is to commit to the provision of uncompromising quality and ensure complete satisfaction with every service provided. 

Leaving all our customers with an unforgettable Utopian and Euphoric experience. 

"Good business leaders create vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion"

- Jack Welch



Utopian Euphoria places value on the orchestration of a spectacular events in a totally relaxing atmosphere. We work closely with our clients to define a comfortable budget that allows for the highest level of creativity and provide regular updates throughout the planning process. Most of all, Utopian Euphoria stretch imaginations of ingenuity, define perfect ambiance with every detail, and immerse every guest in an adventure of superior elegance. We 

are committed to the provision of uncompromised quality and ensure complete satisfaction with every service.



  • Honest
  • Guaranteed  Extraordinary Service
  • Memorable Events
  • Cause Marketing
  • Market Responsiveness 
  • Product & Service Superiority
  • Availability
  • Confidentiality 

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Do you have questions about an event? Do you need travel accommodations? Send me a message, and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

Utopian Euphoria LLC.

1495 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo, NY, USA

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